The book launch for Strong Man was a success! It was held in a loft in Williamsburg, uner the JMZ train. I projected obscure films against one wall, we turned on the red lights, and cranked up the music! My good friend Julia baked this amazing Strong Man cake!

Below is my friend Christina making her best "tough" strongman pose. Her husband Al is to the left... and her twin sister Natalie seems to be puzzled by the whole thing. My friend Jay is NOT paying attention, but Nat's boyfriend Ryan seems to be putting in an effort.

Below that are my two sisters... looking a little dazed! Ah, to be a McCarthy...

Someone got the bright idea to flex their muscles when the shutter snapped. The idea spread like wildfire!

Below is a blury photo of a fellow Blue Rose Girl––Grace Lin, my agent Rebecca Sharman holding my book, Anna Alter, and her boyfriend Bruno.

The Prisoner was playing against the cement wall.

There are some real muscles!


On the left is a photo of my agent, Alvina (editor at Little, Brown), and my S&S editor behind. And... um... there's Prince on the TV.

There are more photos to come! And... um.. Alvina has a picture of me playing the drums. Scary, but true!