Susan Montgomory Williams is the World Record holder for the biggest bubble gum bubble.


Below are a few other videos I found of some folks blowing some pretty big bubbles....


This chick blows 4 bubbles inside each other. Pretty crazy.

And this one is funny....

Here are some tips...

1) Sadly, the less flavorful brands actually blow the best bubbles. Ones that contain less sugar and are harder to chew work best. The champions use Dubble Bubble and Bazooka. They have more elasticity. Don't buy the softer brands like Bubble Yum or Bubbicilious.

2) Don't add a lot of wads of gum into your mouth. More gum doesn't equal bigger bubbles. If you are blowing a bubble and still have a bunch of gum in your mouth you need more practice. Something interesting to note is that when going for the world record you are only allowed 3 pieces of gum.

3) Temperature matters. As you blow bubbles your gum becomes cooler and that makes the gum less pliable. So chew it to warm it back up. But if your gum is too warm your bubble will sag.

4) Chew your gum long enough to get out all of the taste and sugar. This will strengthen your bubble.

5) When blowing your bubble, blow slowly. Give slow even breaths.

6) Keep your mouth lose around the bubble. If you tighten your lips around the bubble this will cause you to blow harder and will pop the bubble.

7) When starting out practice indoors at first because it's easier to control wind and temperature.

Have fun! And... uh... probably brush your teeth after.

These are some funny/entertaining videos... but as you may notice, these people don't blow the biggest of bubbles.

Above is Gary Duschl, the world record holder for the longest gum wrapper chain in the world. It is 1,500,000 wrappers and 63,527 thousand feet long. I found these photos online, which I thought were funny because they are clearly from different decades and then when I went to his website I read that his chain started in 1965. That explainers the photos. This is what is listed on his website (

$105,000 Worth of Gum
882 lbs or 400 kgs
Volume 74 Cubic Feet
WRIGLEY Wrappers Only
Record Holder for 15 Years
Over 24,000 Hours of Work
Relative Lengths:
12 Miles or 19.3 kms
211 Football Fields
317 Hockey Rinks
192 Soccer Fields
43 Empire State Buildings
12 Minutes by Car at 60 mph
5 Hours to Walk the Length
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