The above gum art is by the Italian artist Maurizio Savini. For over ten years he has been making these gum sculptures and they sell for over 55,000 U.S dollars.

Below are some quotes I've collected from Savini:

"The reason I like to use chewing gum is because it seemed to me an amazingly versatile material compared to those used by the traditional arts such as painting.
"Despite its history of it belonging to popular culture, chewing gum does not have a statute of its own within institutional art.
"I believe that in my work on this material is redeemed and acquires a capacity and it has an expressive dignity of its own.
"I work the chewing gum when it is warm and manipulate it with a knife just like some traditional material like clay."

(The below video isn't in English but you can take a peek to see what the gallery space looks like)


These are from her series called "Chewing in Venice."

Ben Wilson is an artist based in London who paints on pieces of gum smeared to sidewalks and streets. He beatifies the seemingly unbeautiful!


This one is very intellectual ...reminds me of being back in art school, but if you can wrap your mind around it, it's pretty interesting. This is what was written: "Reduce pollution generated by bubblegum thrown on the streets, with the use of interactive designs is the goal of this project. After a research on cultural acts, 3 products were developed: a growing sculpture, a survey panel and a wish tree. The 3 case studies were created and tried out on the streets of Eindhoven during the months of November and December 2007."
And, if you're tired of all of this gum talk, this one's a joke....

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