www.shag.com Some real retro-funky fine art

www.garybaseman.com One of my favorite illustrators. He mostly does editorial work but has recently delved into the children's areana with his TV show TEACHER'S PET. This guy is funny!

www.lisakopelke.com Author/illustrator of Excuse Me! And watch for the sequal frog book to come...

www.studiojjk.com Jarrett J. Krosoczka, autor/illustrator of Goodnight Monkey Boy, Baghead, Bubble Bath Pirates, and more to come! Plenty of great stuff to look at.

www.cngruppuso.com These twin divas do some kick but artwork. Wonderful photography by Natalie and amazing animation by Christina

www.kelmurphy.com Fellow RISD grad -- this site is beutifuly designed and Kelly is a great illustrator!


www.verlakay.com A really useful site! Make sure to check out the transcripts section...so many interviews with editors, writers, and agents. This is a site to bookmark

www.underdown.org Another really great site for writers...lots of articles and insider information

www.cbcbooks.org A good beginner's resource. Also, check out the publisher information page to see who is and isn't accepting manuscripts

www.stillruns.com Um...I cam across this while researching the perfect car for an illustration. I found it amusing -- plenty of beat up cars and some funny captions.

www.billburg.com See what's going on in Brooklyn, at the hip side of town...home of indie rock and plenty of art. Great apartment listings and you can even check to see when the next L train is running!

www.availavail.com I'm not giving this band props because my cousin is the singer, but rather because this is one really great punk rock band! You must see them live...their energy is amazing!