Below are photographs of Betty on the Bonneville Flats. Several are with she and Art Arfons. What I love about the photographs is how happy Betty looks. She was clearly having a great time.

Betty raced Art Arfons's Cyclops in 1965. Below are some videos of the Cyclops. The first is a very old documentary of on Art Arfon and his Green Monster. It's the the same vehicle that Betty raced (this thing loos like a rocket). The film is pretty cool. You've gotta love the dramatic music in the background and the narrator's equally so voice.


Below is another documentary of Art Arfons and the competition that was held at the Bonneville Flats:


Below is the vehicle that Betty actually raced to break the women's record. The car was used for drag racing, not for breaking speed records as seen above. I wonder why this is the car she used. She borrowed this vehicle from Art. Was this what he was comfortable allowing her to race? How much faster could Betty have gone in one of the rocket-type vehicles that the men raced in on the Bonneville flats?


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