This engaging, informative nonfiction picture book is an ideal read-aloud. Concise, well-chosen text and bold, humorous illustrations make it a first choice." - SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

"The story of Balto leading his team to its destination despite punishing conditions ... is gripping even in the retelling. And McCarthy’s version benefits by relating what happened after the successful journey... Here, surprisingly, the story gains emotional power. McCarthy wisely showcases the efforts of classroom children to generate money for Balto’s own rescue, which may inspire young readers to similar grass-roots feats." - NEW YORK TIMES

"Her signature acrylic caricatures, identifiable by oversized eyes, convey a sense of attentiveness in keeping with the narrative. The predominance of snow and gray light creates a mood of remote desolation; the palette brightens to warm greens at the conclusion...An intelligent read-aloud for those not quite ready to tackle the existing independent readers." - KIRKUS REVIEWS

"A picture book work of nonfiction that reads like a picture book work of fiction is a valuable commodity. Subject matter is key, of course, as are intelligent illustrations that engage even as they inform. Meghan McCarthy’s consistently high-quality works make her one of the best nonfiction picture book author/illustrators of the day. Imagine! Writing that’s just as good as the art focusing on subjects everyone wants to know more about. Display this book and expect a hoard of kids who want to know more about the cute dog on the cover. Teaching history was never so easy." - FUSE # 8


To the right is actual footage of Balto viewing the unveiling of his own statue.

And to the left is really cool - real news footage! 


Below are some finishes from the book. I will put up a book preview soon!

This is the black and white move Balto starred in -- Balto's Race to Nome, produced in 1925 by Sol Lesser. Sadly, the film is long gone.

Below is Balto in the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, then called the Brookside Zoo.

And here's the parade! It was raining but they didn't care.

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